Sunday, 13 November 2016

Hi !

Maybe JAPAN ? :)
I choose this place because last month I talked with my friend about it. He was there and he told me that it's amazing country. He was totally enraptured with this.
He told me a lot of interesting things and instilled in me desire to visit Japan.
Generally Japan consists of over 6,800 islands !! Located in the Pacific Ocean.

 So it's time to .... ;>

5 interesting facts about JAPAN!

1. In contrast to Poland black cats are considered to bring good luck in Japan - if the see a black cat crossing their path , they say konichiwa and then waiting for good luck

2. Japanese employers allow to workers to sleep at work, it's viewed as exhaustion from working hard. They think that if you tired you can commit more mistakes. Employees can take a 30-minute siesta

3. During Christmas Eve in Japan traditional foods is . . . KFC! A lot of people have spent this day queueing at KFC 

4. In Japan are the worst (in my opinion) competition in the world. It's called "Crying Sumo". The wrestlers try to make baby cry ! The baby who cries first is crowned the winner. Sumo wrestlers shake the babies and make noises to get them to cry firt and win the competition. 

5. In Japan we have oportunity to spend time in cat cafe. Is a type of coffee shop where we can play with cats but also we foung there something to eat and drink. There are various types of cat cafe : black cats, fat cats, rare cats and more :) 


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